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APPLY for 1:1 Coaching


Done-4-You Services answer all your questions, set you up for success & improve parts of your arts business in an expedited amount of time.

DIY less, Play in the studio more!

These services have helped many clients elevate the sh$% out of their creative businesses and left feeling confident and organized.


Pick my brain!

Ideal for someone who would like to brainstorm, problem solve or develop a plan for a single project or challenge in mind. 

* 45 Min Virtual Coaching Call

* Follow up email with notes


Give your Instagram the gift of a face lift!

An Instagram Audit is a thorough investigation on how you present yourself to the world of social media with recommendations on how to increase your chances of meeting your goals. 

This service will transform your Instagram from just a portfolio to something that reads "I am open for business!"


The feedback you receive will be modified during our call and will allow you the opportunity to attract those you would like to connect with, potential buyers and clients and engage with YOUR people.

*Full pre-meeting account analysis
* On the spot adjustments to your IG
*(1) 45 min. FaceTime discussing your current IG landscape, strengths, weaknesses and areas for development. 


The Accessible Website

Create virtual accessibility at the home of your brand.

They go to your social media & your website! We already know this...if your website is ages old and you've been too lazy to touch it BUT it's got all the pieces this is the PERFECT service for you.

A website audit is helpful when you are looking for fresh feedback on presentation, accessibility for potential customers or buyers and overall brand synchrony. 

A thorough audit on various criteria of your website that range over design and functionality. 

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