Our Story...

Once upon a time there was an artist who left her 9-5 career to start her freelance journey. 
She used her artisan skills to survive, yet had no idea how to make her passion into her profession...
Hence the birth of Handmade in Brooklyn founded in 2015 by this very womxn.

Film Cred: @kskhussle & @urbanmunuc 

Gathering like minded womxn from all over Brooklyn by foot, corralled a beautiful community that would eventually come together monthly to share ideas, recommendations, network and experience the magic of developing our passions beyond our wildest dreams. The search for community led her to many answers and support as she navigated the beginning of her journey as an artist in business. 



Collectively we will provide freelance education to navigate the freelance lifestyle and gain strong leadership skills to be independent creatives, collaborators and business owners. 


Through monthly gatherings, we use our intimate social networking circle to BE the local resources and inspiration for each other and to help push our professional & personal creativity outside of the box. 

We are...

  • Brooklyn Womxn & Non-binary

  • Independent Creatives

  • Committed to community

  • Straddle both the corporate and fine art world. "BRIDGE FREELANCERS"

  • Have multiple work spaces

  • Our job descriptions are usually quite long 

  • Manage our own pursuits, schedules, goals 

  • Love creating, innovating, coming up with new things to share with the world

You know...just your


At the table...
At a picnic...
In your living room...
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