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"HMB has given me the confidence to speak comfortably from my heart and take risks with my business. I can do this knowing I have a family network who will be there to talk me through what happens next"


"Every monthly meetup I leave with a renewed sense of purpose and determination, counting down the days until our next meetup. Sitting in this room full of women is truly electric!"

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TOTAL VALUE: $15,650



What is Slack?

Slack is essentially a chat room for your whole company, designed to replace email as your primary method of communication and sharing. Its workspaces allow you to organize communications by channels for group discussions and allows for private messages to share information, files, and more all in one place. Slack is avilable on through your desktop or downloadable app.

What is the VIP Resource Vault?

HMB has spend years compiling resources for our members in efforts of cutting down the time it takes to look up certain templates, ideas and go to skills. WE have done that work for you and are still building the best library there is for makers, artists, and creatives alike. You will get access to this library as a part of the benefits of joining HMB! The VIP Resource Vault is an invite-only Google Folder with various topics.

What happens during a 45 min. strategy session with Art Mom?

Strategy sessions are just that! We will dive deep into any pain points or challenges that are hindering your artwork or business and with a pre-written agenda, you will decide what the topic of conversation is. I will document the ideas and strategies that come up during our Zoom call together in a shared Google Doc so that we can track your improvement, take action on any items that were brought up, and resume working on your goals for the next session. These calls are invaluable to the success of your business because it allows you an accountability partner along with someone who's had first hand experience in this field to bounce off of with new perspective.

Where will HMB meet?

Wellllllll...the million $$$ question! On Zoom. COVID has definitely knocked our style of being the in-person collective we've always been. HOWEVER, we have played enough with Zoom during COVID that proves that our connection can be just as strong virtually. HMB has perfected interactive ways through Zoom to conduct our meetups and we hope to continue meeting up in-person (socially distanced) around November contengent on the current state of the panedemic. This location will be in BedStuy should our pandemic percentage be safe enough.

What do we do during meetups?

Awesome question! We do it all personal to business and experiment with new topics that the collective wants to explore. Sample Agenda for each meetup: - Ice breaker - Announcements - Focus Topic or Guest Expert joins us - Share Takeaways - Closeout Family Photo (yes even over zoom)

How do we connect in between meetups?

Our mission is to create LONG LASTING relationships, sometimes even friendships! We utilize each other as the HUMAN resources that we are and pool together our expertise into the middle of our collective. You will have the opportunity to interact on your own through any avenue and connect, along with weekly virtual check-ins in our private DM group.

Do I have to attend all meetups?

The answer is YES! The only way a collective can truly be a collective is by showing up, being present, engaging and sharing. We operate under the assumption everyone is committed to our family, sisterhood, tribe and enjoy being together whenever possible. Its the amazing support of it's members that the community thrives off of and the experience is unlike any other because of this. All dates are pre-determines and located under our CALENDARS tab for you to add into your own calendar. However shit happens and we completely understand that!

Can I make up a meetup?

Unfortunately, no.

What if I am interested in other coaching services?

All members will receive a discount code of 10% off any service. Instagram Audit & Support Website Audit & Support Etc. Head over to our Services page to book a service and/or FREE Coach Call with me where we can identify how I can best support you in your journey.

How/when will I know if I have been accepted as a member?

You will receive an email confirmation with an invoice that you have been accepted as a member by September 18th. Payment must be made before our first meetup by September 20th. If you have not made payment by then we will continue with our waitlist to give someone else the opportunity to join.

Do I have to live/work in Brooklyn?

No. Although we strive to provide hyper local resources, we have opened up our collective to ALL of NYC. However, if you forsee yourself not being able to make our events or meetups please reconsider applying, as they will all take place in Brooklyn.

Does HMB only accept womxn-identifying applicants?

No! Regardless of how you identify, be it female, gender non-conforming, non-binary, trans, cis, or femme, there is a place for you at HMB. As a womxn's collective, HMB welcomes folks from all walks of life and is a safe zone for BIPOC folks and anyone along the LGBTQIA+ and gender identity spectrum.

How do I drop in on a meetup?

Above on this page, specify which month you’d like to drop in on and make a payment through the PayPal button on the “Drop-In” selection. This is the best option for those who want to get an idea for how the collective functions. There are no refunds or transactions between months/meetups.