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FRIENDS & Sponsors

Diana Vidal 
Lucie & Alicia Civile 
Shauna Armitage 
Vania ALexandra
Volunteer Lawyer for the Arts
Mayssa Chehata 
Taylor Adami 
Larissa May 
Rosa Nyugen 
Ariane Hunter 
Michelle K.
Jordan Daly 
Delia Awusi 
Leah Hart
Robyn Dutra
Laura Wyant
Ashley William
Nina Marinaro
Erin Claire Jones

Gowanus Print Lab
Founders Workspace
Brooklyn Commons
Givers and Takers Bar
Union Hall
Gowanus Souvenir Shop
Brooklyn Metal Works
Playground Coworking Space
Root Hill Cafe
Dirty Precious
RL Hotel
Crown Heights Studios
Slope Space
Crafticas HQ
L'Arte Della Pizzeria
Kos Kaffe


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