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We like you, which means we probably like your friends, which means there friends might be super cool too...

"Somehow, even though you have less time and less money, the thing about making indie films is somehow you have another kind of resource: a human resource, where you can really look to your creative colleagues and actually ask questions that are honest."

Karyn Kusama

To show our appreciation in vouching for the HMB community, you get a delicious reward that you can choose from:


  • Personalized social media content: Freelancer bio and intro on your brand and business to our online community of 4K and growing.

  • An IG Story Takeover with an easy go-to script as a way to promote your business and tell your story. 

  • One 45-minute phone call mentors session that revolves around your goals or anything you'd like some advice on. 

  • An additional “Freelancer Friends” Pass

This offer only applies to yearly members who sign up.

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