Since 2015, HMB has provided women, creative freelancers and artists, in business the non-traditional education that you do not get in a traditional education setting. Collectively, we support the navigation of the solopreneur lifestyle, support the transition from corporate to freelance, business planning and gaining strong leadership skills to be independent creatives, collaborators and business owners.

Creative Haus logo.jpg


Creative Haus logo.jpg

The first-ever one-stop shop, a non-traditional creative house where women artists in the business and creative professionals alike.


This freelancers dream will provide a more suitable working environment, equipt with the tools that will allow members to customize their day to day experience.

The Creative Haus will be the arts hub that the Brooklyn community has been waiting for. It will support the duality of freelance living with the inspirational atmosphere needed to create strong business models and artworks.

Watercolor by Terri Frohman | Click for floorplan

all the ways you
can help...

Becoming a founding member means you are part of the CH journey in making history by creating a new way of life for women artists in business. 

  • Exclusive one time price first year discounted membership fee with yearly commitment

  • Receive priority bookings for the first year

  • First 3 months 100% free boutique space, all sales go to the artist

  • Permanent feature on our website


Support our members by shopping from the small business community.