Yes, I am going to use the lunch example... 

Our annual membership averages $15 a month! CHEAPEST COLLECTIVE IN NYC.

Membership Value $2000+ (Based on the average "collective", they charges upwards $80 per event, not yearly)



Any membership, (gym membership, coworking, organizations, school etc.) takes personal dedication and the willingness to be active in the community that you are joining, which is why we only offer yearly memberships.

We foster leadership & long lasting connections that result in lots of future collaborations and maybe friendships! 

This looks like showing up, participating in the HMB rituals & activities, sharing your best practices and being open to the opportunities in front of us.

We consider ourselves the human resources, lets leverage that. 

  • 12 Meetups

  • 90 min each

  • September-June

  • One time-use only free "Freelancers Friend" pass to any meetup. 

  • Summer learnshops included

  • Wednesday Show & Share

  • Sister Accountability

  • Member Collaboration

  • Peer Mentorship

  • Local networking

  • Members ONLY Forum

Guest Speakers

Guest experts will join the majority of our meetups to share varying perspectives on topics such as marketing, branding, social media, life hacks, etc. It is super powerful to gather multiple pieces of advice from people outside of our immediate circles.

Discounts & Exclusives
  • First dibs on any HMB opportunities such as popup spaces, summit, etc.

  • Exclusive discounts on HMB and other non HMB events 25%-50% Off

  • Free "Freelancer Friend" pass to any meetup!  


HMB hosts a variety of events that support the freelance culture such as your typical office celebrations without the typical office! 

Our holiday & summer celebrations are two examples of our fun, open networking events.

  • A dedicated "meet the members" page on our website helps the public get to know our community.

  • We consistently promote our members and their projects on Instagram. 

  • Instagram Takeovers!! 


It isn't something you can buy! Accountability partners are important.

Most people who work 9-5 jobs have those ingrained structures already in place (bosses, managers, colleagues)

Working for yourself allows you to set your own deadlines, your own goals but its always helpful to have someone that can inspire  high standards and provide structure. Luckily, we have that organically in HMB.

"I joined the collective during its first year in 2016 and have greatly enjoyed the genuine relationships that I've made as a result. The monthly meetups are a great way to connect with like minded creatives who are dealing with the same issues."

HMB Member, Poet & Artist


"HMB provided an important source of support and advice as I navigated both a recent move to NYC and a jump to making Kwohtations my full-time business."


HMB Member, Letterpress


"Before coming to the workshop I was in dire need of something new besides my normal post of horrible pictures. I’ve been given so many options to promote my business in a professional way."

Content Apps 101 Learnshop Attendee

"Instagram 101 was so great because of your on-the-spot critiques and workshopping of our pages, coupled with the encouragement to take immediate action. Brava!"

Instagram 101 Learnshop Attendee

I had a great experience at the Summit. I had the opportunity to connect with other creatives and learn about their businesses and hear how about their journeys. My biggest takeaway was learning about the number of free resources there were out in the world that provide assistance to freelancers and women in business


1st HMB Summit Attendee

This was great! I really connected with the content and am inspired to begin this journey into creating my business. I will take away branding, confidence (fake it til you make it), and how powerful it is to be a minority and woman who is becoming a business owner.

1st HMB Summit Attendee

 Thank you for having A Peace of Me Skincare at the first HMB Have a Heart V-Day Pop- Up Shop. The event flow was energetic and positive, we made so many connections with customers, and fellow artists/creators. We look forward to connecting with HMB in the near future. 



Cindy Peay
Creator & Owner
A Peace of Me Skincare

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