A Jewrican, Sagittarius Hell's Kitchen native, who's preferred beverages are whiskey & chai lattes.  Terri Frohman Founded Handmade in Brooklyn Collective Inc. in 2015. Currently living and working in Brooklyn, she is a full-time Mixed Media Artist, Coach, Speaker, Teacher, and Mentor. 


SUNY New Paltz & NYU Alumnus, Terri was a successful Art Educator and administrator for over a decade. She represented the NYC & NYS Board of Arts Education Association, taught grades K-12, led educational workshops and initiated a variety mentorship programs for new educators. 


In 2015, she began a new professional chapter as a full-time mixed media artist and Founder of Handmade in Brooklyn, a.k.a Art Mom Coach.


She participated in markets, popups, and any other opportunity that would develop her skillset as a woman in business. As challenging as it was, she had little guidance on how to BE an artist in business and invited fellow local artists into her studio, to grow a strong network of a  community, hence Handmade in Brooklyn Collective was born.  







community leadder

HMB is the sisterhood I've always wanted and needed in order to survive being a freelancer, artist and new business owner.


I do it all...just like you. 

I will continue to build strong community ethics among womxn in business, lead by example when it comes to building authentic relationships and provide resources to help others make their passions a profession. 

Want to know how Art Mom gets down?

OH, I already know baby cakes! 

Guess what?

You DON'T need me because you don't know how to make art. You have a unique value to add to the world. DUH


  • You need me to help you get your butt into gear & hold you accountable. nee

  • You need me to teach you the things our typical educational system or freelance world didn't.

  • You need me to provide you with shortcuts to managing the BUSINESS side so you can focus on making art. 

  • You need me to help you navigate the challenges with ACTIONABLE steps.

  • You need me to expand your CEO skill set and create a PLAN. 

  • You need me because as a valuable thought partner that WILL push you to absolute success. 

  • You need me to help you BE the THRIVING ARTIST not starving artist.



Based on the information I gather from your application, we will hop on a FaceTime Call and discuss your goals, challenges to see how I can best support you.

**The coaching/client relationship is special and is NOT a one shoe fits all. It's important the vibe between us is right in order to get this work! 



So what chapter in your life, desires and goals are you in?

Are you ready to make a long term commitment to being an Artist in Business or do you need support figuring out the right path that your artwork is going to take?




This program is focuses on a short-term goal with long term impact, large task, or specific project you need support & accountability. 

Ie. events, proposals, social media overhaul




This program is designed for the emerging to practicing artist who wants to work towards making their passion a profession.


You have a brand or body of work that you want to develop and present to the world more clearly. 




This program supports the practicing artist. 

There is an existing sense of self, brand, vision and focus on establishing a long-term career.

Our sessions are designed holistically as we look at the big picture on what success looks like as a creative in business. 



Not looking for a full coaching service, but still looking for guidance on that one annoying thing? NO PROBLEM, I GOT YOU! 

Check out our A La Carte Menu!

That's what she said...

Kira Klein, Film Maker

I'm working on an upcoming event I'm hosting for my film release. She helped me find and curate a space to throw the event in, counseled me about how to handle future interactions (she basically put me onto MAJOR game) of this kind, and she helped me organize the technicalities of the event. Basically, she was MOM; she listened to and interpreted my vision perfectly, and was extremely professional throughout. I definitely plan to work with Terri in the future, and can't wait to join the physical manifestation of her vision "The Creative Haus."

Natalie Drake-Maurer,

HMB Artist in Residence

I joined HMB as a photo intern a year ago and in that time I have come to look at the collective as a sort of home away from home. There is far more that is shared during the monthly meetups than just arts and business- we support each other through our struggles as humans in this world and also celebrate the triumphs. Terri allows for all our voices to be heard and has pushed me to grow in ways I did not even know I wanted. 

Robin Erfe, Jeweler

When I met Terri, I knew she was genuine and cared deeply about helping women find success. As soon as we started working together through career counseling, I felt like she understood me. She pin pointed the areas where I needed help and customized our career sessions to me. My biggest fear around career stems from how overwhelming it all can be. Terri saw that and devised a plan to help me breakdown and organize my goals in actionable and attainable ways.

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